It’s Time To Clean That Dirty Data

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As marketing leaders, we would need to know how to analyze clean data. After conducting a marketing survey, you now have all the information you need to analyze your data to make a better marketing decision. Before you can start analyzing your data you need to make sure you have clean and usable data. There are a few things to look for when cleaning your data. First, make sure the data you have is complete. You shouldn’t have any missing or blank spaces for data inputs these should be eliminated from our data analysis. Another example is looking at how long it takes for each participant to complete the survey. If from start to finish a survey participant takes 1 minute to complete a 10-minute survey, then they did not fully read the questions nor completely answered them honestly. Another extreme is when that participant takes 4 hours to complete a survey. Those examples should be eliminated from your data analysis so that you can make a more accurate decision. Understanding how to clean data is extremely important to effectively conduct data analysis. Dirty data coming in means dirty results coming out.

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