Market Towards Teens

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As part of the millennial generation I remember the huge shift towards the use of technology. I had the Windows 95 desktop computer, using the Yahoo or AOL search engines, and communicating online through MSN Messenger. I also remember when cellphones first hit the scene. I remember the old Clunky Nokia brick phone that seemed to be indestructible. Today our younger generation has way more advanced technology at their fingertips. Children at the age 12 or 13 already have smartphones, usually using them to view videos, or follow their favorite social media influencer. Some children even have access to purchase items through their mobile device. Marketers need to utilize this information as an advantage to target teenagers. For instance, you’re marketing a video game product in which your target audience is teenagers. A great marketing campaign would be using mobile friendly websites, along with partnering with well-known social media influencers to target that audience. Today’s advances in technology along with the high usage of these devices is great way to market towards teens.

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