Marketers Toolbox: Wireframe Design

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Part of marketing is first branding yourself. Showing your future employers your skill sets prior to employment is not only beneficial, but it gives you practice on how to perfect certain skills. Marketing professional should have basic skills such as, website development, communication, social media knowledge, and understand marketing concepts. Today, were going to talk about the beginning stages of website development, which is wireframe design. Before you develop a website for either yourself or a client you need come up with a plan, and that plan is the wireframe design. This design can be done either free hand or the use of an online application.
The wireframe is completed in gray, or black and white, with minimal details but enough to get the point across. This design gives the client an idea on what your website would look like when its completed. This is similar to a rough draft for a final paper. Once your design is complete its now time to show your ideas to your client for feedback. You can find, templates and more guidance on the wireframe by clicking here. Once you learn how to create a wireframe design, that’s one more toll you can add to your Marketers toolbox.

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