Marketing Research Done Right!

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Have you ever went to a store and wondered why a company would
add a certain feature to a product?  Why it’s not selling as much as
projected? Let’s blame marketing research! This research is the most
important step to run a marketing campaign, honestly is it “THE” step to
running a successful campaign. Without proper research you won’t be able
to understand what your target audience is looking for and what problems
will need to be solved.  

A great example of marketing research being conducted properly is
the makeup brand, Fenty Beauty created by music artist Rihanna. In 2015,
before the launch of Fenty Beauty, many women had the problem of finding their exact make up shade.  The beauty industry was known for its lack of
proper representation, especially for dark skin tones.  Research was
conducted to find out exactly what make up wearer wanted from a brand
new makeup line. Fenty Beauty was released in September 2017 with the
slogan “beauty for all” which included 40 foundation shade choices. According to Vogue Fenty Beauty made $100 million in sales in its first 40
days. Now that’s Marketing Research Done Right!

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