Personal / Professional Branding. Can They Coincide?

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I remember when I was a child, and every time I would go out to the mall, grocery shopping, or even a restaurant, my mom would give me a stern look and say, “You better not act out in public!” At a young age I was taught the difference between how I would act in public (professional) and how I would act in private (personal). When it comes to branding yourself personally and professionally we need to be able to separate the two. Would you behave in same manor or express your personal views in a public event? I would think not. Let’s look at President Trump as an example, his personal opinions about women and minorities have affect his professional standing as a The President of the United States. His approval rating has
declined and now the nation is in its longest Government Shutdown in US history. Ultimately, your personal view can drastically affect your professional branding, especially if it’s a non-popular, or controversial opinion. So, if you’re planning on continuing with your professional career, make sure to separate your personal and professional opinions.

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