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You finally created your website, and now you need to drive traffic to your business. What do you do? What is the next step? Well for one you need to make sure that your website and business stands out. There are plenty of business that sell similar items but what makes each company different? To stand out and drive traffic to your website you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) options. SEO is the cheapest way to get ranked higher on search result. For this to work you need to utilize keywords that are relevant to your business that consumers will use in search engines. Using SEO is also beneficial because your business will appear on all search engines.

SEM on the other hand is usually a paid advertisement through Google Ads. You would usually pay based on the number of clicks you get that leads to your landing paging. This process can be extremely costly if you’re not familiar with Google Ads. SEM using Google Ads will only appear on the Google Search engines and partnered sites. So, you’re a bit limited to where your content will appear in a search engine result. Whether you decided to you SEO or SEM is ultimately up to you, just make sure you keep the company’s marketing objective in mind when you make that decision.  

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