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Entrepreneurs have it the hardest when developing a new business or product, especially if it’s within the cosmetics industry. In order to set yourself up for success you need to develop a plan, a Marketing Plan. This plan allows you take control of your product with in the marketplace and focus on generating income. There are several steps to completing a proper marketing plan but, today we will be focusing on the most important step, the budget. Establishing a proper budget helps you decide were money will be allocated to towards a campaign. Once you find out how much money you have towards your marketing plan your able to adjust certain aspects to complete your goal or objective without any constraints. For example, if your budget is 1000 dollars towards advertising would you create a professional commercial including paid actors, travel expenses, and high-end equipment to be displayed on television? Or will you create a Facebook, YouTube, or Google imagine display ad? Having a budget allows you to scale back on certain luxuries to accomplish the same objective. So, next time you’re in a meeting with your business partners and they want to develop a plan or direction to take the company, tell them to Show Me The Money!

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