The Fake Google Ads Experts (Insert Suspense Music Here)

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Beware… be very aware of the fake Google experts. Just because you have a
certification in Google Ads doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable about
Google Ads features or its platform. Google Ads is much more than just a 7-
hour power point presentation. It’s and in depth understanding of the
intricacies of the platform. Once you actually created multiple google ads
and utilized the functions, then you would be able to truly call yourself a
Google Ad expert with relatable experience. Just think of it this way, you ‘re
in dire need of a heart transplant, and you have two surgeons that can
perform the surgery. One surgeon is well seasoned doctor who has
experience with over 100 successful surgeries. The other is a newly
graduated doctor, fresh out of school. Who would you choose?

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