The Internet… DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!

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I remember the before times, were each household had a home phone, were we would use the postal office to mail hand written letters, and when we ate dinner at home, we weren’t distracted by those bright hand-held devices. Well, times have changed. The Internet has changed the way we interact, think, and communicate within society. Were now able to talk to someone across the world with a matter of seconds. We are now able to video chat and send pictures almost instantaneously. But, are there dangers to the internet? Of Course. Today we see an increase in identity thief, fraud, and catfishing. All because the internet allows us to gather information instantly. Many online hackers use the internet to steal personal identifiable information from their victims to purchase vehicles, homes, and even activate credit cards. For fraud, we all remember the notorious Prince of Nigeria email, were a “Prince” needed your bank information to send 1million dollars to a family member, and because of your help he will give you 10%. Lastly, catfishing, were the victim believes that he or she is communicating online with someone else. There’s even an MTV show dedicated to catching this cat fishers. Now you ask, how does this relate to marketing? Well, as marketers we also need to understand our target audiences mind frame and point of view. If we noticed that there has been an increase fear of consumers thinking that their personal information is at risk, then let’s lower that fear. When we advertise websites or mobile application, let’s talk about our privacy settings, and our credit card security procedures. That way when consumers plan to purchase products from us that is one less obstacle to overcome.

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