Value + Consistency = The Marketers Dream.

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The perfect campaign for a Marketer is to promote a product that speaks for itself. A product that has been tested and has the highest quality when it comes to customer assurance. Now, why is this product so great? According to the Visual Design book by Krause there are elements that are used to make your final products more appealing, value and consistency. Value is actually putting forth the effort to create a higher substance when it came to the product. For instance, a chef can make a regular omelet which is mediocre, but, to add value to the omelet, the chef can add spices, and fresh ingredients, such as onions, tomatoes, peppers and cheese. Consistency is
ensuring that the chef can recreate the same recipe with the same result.

The main difference between the two elements is that value can always be increased to make the product better. The value can also add to the price of the product as well. By contrast, consistency is ensuring that value is replicated to its highest quality. Consistency can be increased or maintained by following a certain formula by the products manufacturer. The main reason why the combination of these two elements are a marketer’s dream, is that it allows for the product to sell itself. If you are campaigning for a product that has great value along with ensuring each product created maintains the same value, it becomes easier to market.
Think about the iPhone, a product with amazing value, including sleek functionality, great picture quality and the best operating features. Not only that, but each iPhone created in that series have the same functionality which shows consistency. Value + Consistency = Marketers Dream.

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