Make-Up My Mind: Cosmetics Branding

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Taking a trip to your local cosmetics store always ends with empty pockets and uncertainty. When you look at all the different brands and posters plastered all over the store you become confused as to what brand you really want. Usually many makeup consumers would ask the makeup sales representative to choose a brand based on skin type, color, or texture. Even then, after their recommendation, you still aren’t completely satisfied that you purchase the right product. When it comes to cosmetics most consumers purchase make up brands based on the companies they know, the representation they hold or by branding. In the cosmetics industry branding is everything from seasoned companies to new makeup brands. The question that comes to mind is how can I effectively brand my products? Well, you came to the right place.

What Makes You Different

You have to do your research. Finding out what the competition already does gives you an idea on what you can produce next. The Blue Ocean Theory is a great example on how to find your niche and what separates you from your competitors. The Blue Ocean is the untested marketplace in which you can create new demand. In order to do this, you need to come up with factors with in your product and three other competitors’ products that the consumer needs. Let’s take makeup foundation for example, a few factors that I would choose is cruelty-free, shade ranges, SPF, Skin type benefits, and buildability. Now we take these factors and rate them on a scale of 1-10 per company. Which company satisfies all factors? Which factor is the least represented in the marketplace? Now you can determine what factor your company will focus on to separate yourself from the competitors.  

Use Your Fans

The development of YouTube has opened a world of creators. Ordinary people can make videos to attract subscribers to watch their content. Makeup artist and enthusiast use this outlet to create make up tutorials, explaining how to apply your favorite make up. Well, use this! Search for a creator that is a fan of your product, with a large number of subscribers and have them sponsor you. Usually these creators will use your product to influence their subscribers to purchase the product. A lot of makeup brands do this. They send exclusive make up kits to YouTubers to test and recommend their product. Some companies even go as far as to offer discounts to the creators’ subscribers.  

Give Back

Most consumers want to be a part of a change. They want to promote inspiration around the world. That’s why make up brands like MAC and NYX hold make up competitions, to which the winner receives recognition, along with a plethora of different gifts to nurture their talents. When you give back to your supporters or even charity your company increases its value to potential consumers. For your make up brand, think about holding competitions using your products to which the winner will receive a gift, or just show the company donating to a non-profit organization on social media. Posting these events will diffidently raise your company’s value. A higher value means a stronger brand, which will ultimately help consumers choose your product over its competitors.

These are just a few ideas to get your makeup brand noticed by consumers. If you are just starting a cosmetics brand, utilizing at least two of these techniques to help build your brand. The next time a consumer goes shopping and sees your brand they automatically remember their favorite You-tuber talking about how great your products are. Or they might remember a factor that separates your product from others. Or they might simply remember scrolling through Instagram and seeing that your company donated to the Boys and Girls club. So, instead of trying to make up their mind on what product to purchase, your brand speaks for its self

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