Curiosity Never Killed the Marketer

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As humans we are naturally curious, we want to build, understand why things work, and create solutions to everyday problems, so that we can innovate our lives. Why not use this same curiosity towards marketing.    “As a marketer you need to be curious” stated by Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. During her presentation at the Digital-Branding-Analytics-Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAmiami), Britney Muller emphasize the importance of being curious. Has marketers we need to gather as much data as possible to make the best marketing decisions for our companies. Being curious, answers the important questions needed to collect data for your clients. Questions such as: What platform does my target audience use the most? Why does my target audience prefer to click a blue button than a red one? How likely is my target audience to make a purchase after reading testimonials? and etc. Being curious is the only want to truly discover your consumers behavior.

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