Is Traditional Media Outdated?

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In the world of digital media, we sometimes forget about traditional marketing platforms such as television, magazines, billboards, and newspapers. Even though we have transformed from traditional marketing, digital marketing we still need to remember our marketing fundamentals. The platforms have changed a bit, but we still need to hold true to our marketing fundamentals. For example, we need to understand who our target market is, what platforms do they enjoy using, what age are they, and how can I get them to best view my content. Depending on the answers to that question, traditional media would be a great outlet for your content. Consumers still watch television, they still look at billboards, and they still read magazines and newspapers. These platforms are still being utilized so why not continue to reach your target audience in this manner. Traditional media is not outdated, on the contrary, it is still heavily used by consumers, you just need to know which platform your target audience utilizes the most.

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