Oh Funnel, Oh Funnel, What Are You?

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If you haven’t guessed by the title, yes, we are talking about the so ever loved Marketing Funnel. Marketers have used this funnel ideology for years now. It’s a way to fully understand how to push potential consumers towards purchasing your product. Just to better understand the process and idea, imagine about an ice cream cone separated into three sections; top, middle, and bottom. The top of the ice cream cone is the biggest part, this is where, as marketers we run campaigns to build brand awareness towards our target audience. We want to get as many people as we can with in this top section. Next, the middle section of the ice cream cone allows us to nurture these potential consumers. These are our leads, they clicked a link in our marketing campaign and now we have an email, abandon cart, telephone number etc in order to remarket towards them to increase the likelihood of a sale. During this section the consumer will also have questions about your product that would need to answer and provide the best guidance to encourage a sale. Lastly, we have the bottom of the ice cream cone, where we need to close the sale. There is the rubber meets the road and your audience becomes a product buyer. Throughout this process we want to make sure we are retargeting our audience to keep them engaged with our product or service. Once we lose that engagement it’s hard to get them back down the funnel, especially if this is a new brand. Constant engagement will transform into sales.

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