Difference Between Goal Setting and Strategy

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What’s the difference between goal setting and strategy? As a marketer we need understand that difference to effectively create a marketing campaign. Goal setting is developing a goal that needs to be accomplished. These goals can be a mix of personal goals or marketing campaign goals. Goals are usually created by aligning them to the organizational goals of a company. These goals are usually what a company wants to accomplish during a marketing campaign. The steps we take to accomplish a goal is the strategy. The strategy is usually crated by having a step by step plan on how to accomplish a certain goal. For instance, if my personal goal was to lose weight in three months. The strategy would be to work out 4 to 5 times a week, eat healthier, weight training and cardio. By completing this strategy, I will be able to complete my goal of losing weight.  Goal setting and strategy are both interconnected, you can’t complete one without the other.

“Begin with an end in mind”

-Stephen Covey

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