Twitter Wars

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Have you ever seen two companies battle it out online where the whole world can see the backlash? Usually we see companies argue back and forth on twitter creating huge publicity about a certain topic. Just recently the Popeyes and Chick Fli-A chicken sandwich debate became the major topic of twitter wars.  As a marketer we should understand that sometimes these twitter battles can become a segway into a great marketing opportunity. These opportunities can help a company increase brand awareness, and social media engagement.  For instance, when IHOP (International House of Pancakes) announced on twitter that they will now be called IHOB (International House of Burgers) Wendy’s took the opportunity to start a twitter war with the brand. Creating back and forth hilarious tweets about how this IHOB was such a horrible idea. This twitter battle grew so big that even other brands like McDonalds and Checkers started to chime in. Because of this and other battles Wendys has not only gained engagement, and followers, on their twitter but they have become to be known for their savage and quick come back tweets.

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