Author: Shantica Dawkins

Marketing Job Search

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We have always been told that after receiving a degree, door will open for you with your profession. This is not always true. Not matter what you need experience, and most importantly a connection. Corporate American is a huge network in which people can exchange information and common interest in order to grow with in their industry. In marketing its always about who you know rather than what you know. As I got closer to graduation, I realized that finding a job was such hard work with little reward. I needed to have a network in place to move forward in my career. I used events such as marketing conferences and meet ups to meet new people and exchange information. That way I established an “in “, I am able to get further with my job search and even interview process. Remember when looking for a Job with your field, make sure you network and build a personal relationship with other marketeers.

Twitter Wars

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Have you ever seen two companies battle it out online where the whole world can see the backlash? Usually we see companies argue back and forth on twitter creating huge publicity about a certain topic. Just recently the Popeyes and Chick Fli-A chicken sandwich debate became the major topic of twitter wars.  As a marketer we should understand that sometimes these twitter battles can become a segway into a great marketing opportunity. These opportunities can help a company increase brand awareness, and social media engagement.  For instance, when IHOP (International House of Pancakes) announced on twitter that they will now be called IHOB (International House of Burgers) Wendy’s took the opportunity to start a twitter war with the brand. Creating back and forth hilarious tweets about how this IHOB was such a horrible idea. This twitter battle grew so big that even other brands like McDonalds and Checkers started to chime in. Because of this and other battles Wendys has not only gained engagement, and followers, on their twitter but they have become to be known for their savage and quick come back tweets.

Omnichannel Vs Multichannel

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As marketers we push for a company to use a multichannel communication, in which the concept starts from the company then pushes outbound communication. This type of communication usually begins from the company’s perspective and then transitions outward to it’s consumer. Omnichannel on the other hand begins with the consumer and then considers interactions.  Which means that the content is all consumer based. Omnichannel focuses on the consumer and then cater it towards its target audience. When we focus on consumer-based marketing companies will receive better results because it is more targeted towards consumers who will purchase your product. The best way to achieve results for your marketing campaign will be a consumer-based concept, ultimately the Omnichannel way.

Feedback: Can You Handle It?

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Have you ever finished writing a project idea, executive summary or a written paper and felt so pleased and accomplished? Well, that feeling can soon turn into despair if your content wasn’t reviewed by someone else prior to submission. There have been many times that I have written content that I thought was great, but it has tons of grammatical errors, sentence structure issues and lacks a certain gusto. Having someone review your content prior to submission is important. Find a trusted friend and have them review your content. They will be able to spot errors more quickly, tell you if the content makes sense, and overall provide feedback on your content. Make sure don’t take the feedback personally. This feedback isn’t a personal attack towards you, it’s a guideline to make your content better. This feedback can also provide ideas that you haven’t thought of to make your content more impactful.

“Feedback Leads To Idea Generation.”

Marketing Agency 101: Developing A Presentation

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Starting a marketing agency is already hard enough. When you finally receive an RFP and you have the opportunity to present to a company. This is where some marketing company’s fail. In order to develop an outstanding presentation, you need to complete these 3 steps. The first step would be to fully understand the company. You need to pull up industry trends, financial records, and other information about the company so that you can fully understand company. When you understand the company, you can truly get to the bottom of the company’s audience, strengths and weaknesses. Second, develop an angle. This means that you need to have an approach to completing this presentation. Are you going to rebrand, create a marketing campaign to increase engagement, maybe even creating a public relations campaign? Lastly, conduct your research. To truly understand your company, you need to conduct research, and gain information to build your angle. The more information you have the better your able to complete your marketing campaign. Hopefully these steps can help you develop your presentation. Maybe you might get the proposal too.

Difference Between Goal Setting and Strategy

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What’s the difference between goal setting and strategy? As a marketer we need understand that difference to effectively create a marketing campaign. Goal setting is developing a goal that needs to be accomplished. These goals can be a mix of personal goals or marketing campaign goals. Goals are usually created by aligning them to the organizational goals of a company. These goals are usually what a company wants to accomplish during a marketing campaign. The steps we take to accomplish a goal is the strategy. The strategy is usually crated by having a step by step plan on how to accomplish a certain goal. For instance, if my personal goal was to lose weight in three months. The strategy would be to work out 4 to 5 times a week, eat healthier, weight training and cardio. By completing this strategy, I will be able to complete my goal of losing weight.  Goal setting and strategy are both interconnected, you can’t complete one without the other.

“Begin with an end in mind”

-Stephen Covey

So … You Want to Create A Marketing Agency!

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The entrepreneurial aspect of marketing is being your own boss whether that is freelance marketing or opening your own agency. Startup agencies are extremely hard. There are tons of competitors, and if you are not affiliated with holding marketing company your chances of being successful are slim. Once you get affiliated with a marketing company, now its time to structure your marketing team. At the top in the supervisory position would be the executive management and account management. These people would be the main face of the project. They make sure that you are on track towards completion of any marketing campaign. Next, we have the other roles Creative, Media, Data, Insights, and Operations.  The creative role is responsible for the over all production of the marketing campaign.  Media and CEO is responsible for trading and planning. Data’s responsibility is data management. Insights role is strategic planning and overall social listening. Lastly operations is responsible for controller and HR. Each role is extremely important the development of a marketing agency. Having those key roles will get you on track to a effective and successful marketing agency.

Consumer Experience is WORTH IT!!

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Have you ever walked into a business were products were not stocked, shopping carts were unavailable, and employees have a bad attitude towards customers? How did you feel? Did you want to continue shopping there as a consumer?  Of course not, why? Because the consumer experience was terrible. Consumers want to have a memorable and pleasant experience during their consumer buyer journey. The key is making this buyer journey as painless and comforting as a possible. This includes amazing consumer service. Business qualities such as, restocking products and being proactive on solving potential consumer problems will leave a great experience for consumers.  When consumers are happy, their experience is better, and money will be spent. On the other hand, if the experience isn’t good, you will risk the potential of losing a customer.  According to, the probability of selling of an existing consumer is 60%-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5% – 20%. With a horrible consumer experience, you could risk losing a consumer and minimizing your chances of selling product, which will affect your company profits. So, when you ask me if consumer experience really worth is? My answer is of course it is!

How Important Is Critical Thinking to Marketers?

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Critical thinking is defined as “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.” (oxford dictionary).  Marketers need to utilize their critical thinking skills in order to implement an effective marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns require constant analysis during its effective dates. Situations in the campaigns can always change. A great marketer will analyze the results of the content presented and quickly adjust in order to achieve the desired business goal. This is why critical thinking is extremely important for marketers. Marketers need to think quickly when a problem arises to avoid spending more on advertising cost during a campaign. Most importantly, critical thinking can help marketers predict future problems that may arise. The faster we learn the problems the quicker were able to solve for these problems. Critical thinking is key to become an effective marketer.

Social Media ROI

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Marketers are always taught to seek out the Return on Investment on a certain campaign. The CEO wants to see numbers, they want to see the how much of a profit they would receive. Unfortunately, digital marketing cannot provide an actual ROI. When a campaign is created, usually the objective is building brand awareness and increase brand loyalty to its consumers. These steps will in turn increase the customer lifetime value of that consumer. It is hard to attach a monetary value to a campaign when we would need to evaluate the lifetime value of a particular customer. The way to accurately calculate Social Media ROI is to look at certain KPIs such as, total number of views, total numbers of clicked ads, and even total number of followers. All of these values can provide you a better understanding of how long a consumer will engage, purchase your product and build that brand loyalty.