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Why Is Building Your Brand So Important?

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Brand building should be one of the first things you do when marketing a company. Consumers purchase from companies they know and trust. Think about this, you’re in a different country and you want coffee. There are two brands to choose from, Starbucks or Coffee Bean Coffee. Which would you choose? What factors of each brand would influence your decision? I would say that the main deciding factor is that the company has built a relationship with you. You personally trust the company, and you have built customer loyalty. That in turn means consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that they know. According to Hector Hernandez, CDO of McCann World group, he states that un branded stream of revenue, return of investment (ROI) is on average -255%, which is the reality of an un branded item. Which makes sense, because most startups aren’t known by consumers, so how likely are consumers to purchase from a brand they aren’t familiar with.  On the other hand, Hector Hernandez later explains during his presentation at the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAmiami), that if your brand is well known and well branded, you can receive an extremely higher ROI of 1049%.This all boils down to properly branding your company or product to make sure you build customer trust, and loyalty.

So, You Made A Mistake.

In today’s society we have been groomed that making a mistake is unacceptable or the end of the world. As a marketing leader if we made a mistake, it can result in loss of creditability, loss of profit, and even loss of job. The issue around making a mistake can result in stagnation in which there is no forward mobility due fear of making a mistake. We need to break free of this mentality. During the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAmiami) Joni Fernandez Marmo, a Professor at Florida International University stated, “be courageous, be bold, take risk, it’s okay to be afraid, the key is to face that fear and just go for it.” I would take this concept a step further and say before you take action on an issue think about the worst possible result. If you can live with that worst-case scenario, then go for it. This is a great mindset to have when you as a marketer, want to try something new but worried about consequences. Inventions such the ink-jet printer, potato chips, post it notes, and even Coca Cola were all created by mistake, and they have been proved to be influential to society. We need to break away from the concept that we are perfect, were humans, with flaws, and in perfections. That’s what makes us unique in this world, we need to take chances, and we need to make mistakes in order to improve.

Curiosity Never Killed the Marketer

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As humans we are naturally curious, we want to build, understand why things work, and create solutions to everyday problems, so that we can innovate our lives. Why not use this same curiosity towards marketing.    “As a marketer you need to be curious” stated by Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz. During her presentation at the Digital-Branding-Analytics-Miami 2019 Conference (#DBAmiami), Britney Muller emphasize the importance of being curious. Has marketers we need to gather as much data as possible to make the best marketing decisions for our companies. Being curious, answers the important questions needed to collect data for your clients. Questions such as: What platform does my target audience use the most? Why does my target audience prefer to click a blue button than a red one? How likely is my target audience to make a purchase after reading testimonials? and etc. Being curious is the only want to truly discover your consumers behavior.

The Fake Google Ads Experts (Insert Suspense Music Here)

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Beware… be very aware of the fake Google experts. Just because you have a
certification in Google Ads doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable about
Google Ads features or its platform. Google Ads is much more than just a 7-
hour power point presentation. It’s and in depth understanding of the
intricacies of the platform. Once you actually created multiple google ads
and utilized the functions, then you would be able to truly call yourself a
Google Ad expert with relatable experience. Just think of it this way, you ‘re
in dire need of a heart transplant, and you have two surgeons that can
perform the surgery. One surgeon is well seasoned doctor who has
experience with over 100 successful surgeries. The other is a newly
graduated doctor, fresh out of school. Who would you choose?

Marketers Toolbox: Wireframe Design

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Part of marketing is first branding yourself. Showing your future employers your skill sets prior to employment is not only beneficial, but it gives you practice on how to perfect certain skills. Marketing professional should have basic skills such as, website development, communication, social media knowledge, and understand marketing concepts. Today, were going to talk about the beginning stages of website development, which is wireframe design. Before you develop a website for either yourself or a client you need come up with a plan, and that plan is the wireframe design. This design can be done either free hand or the use of an online application.
The wireframe is completed in gray, or black and white, with minimal details but enough to get the point across. This design gives the client an idea on what your website would look like when its completed. This is similar to a rough draft for a final paper. Once your design is complete its now time to show your ideas to your client for feedback. You can find, templates and more guidance on the wireframe by clicking here. Once you learn how to create a wireframe design, that’s one more toll you can add to your Marketers toolbox.

Lights! Camera! Action! Video Creation

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Creating a video can be the most overwhelming task we may face if were not properly prepared. You don’t need to think like Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, or Micheal Bay (explosion). Just be yourself and the ideas will start to flow in. There are three important steps you would need to take in order to get your master piece from start to finish. Número Uno, write down all your ideas on paper. Think about everything, all the possibilities your video can have, different themes, etc . Once you have completed your list, slim it down, and make sure you group like ideas together. At the end, you should have your main idea and a sure-fire
topic for your video. Step two, create a script. The script doesn’t need to be highly detailed with tons of actor dialogue. This is just a general idea or direction in which you want to go in with your video. For instance, instead of writing the exact dialogue for each character simply type in
“Character A: talks about going to the movies”. This small blurb allows you to keep control of your video while giving your actors “if you have any” freedom of creativity. Step Three, learn about cameras and video editing. Understand what lens, audio equipment, or lighting that you may need in order to make sure your video picture perfect. When it comes to editing utilize YouTube or Google to find how to guides and tutorials. Creating a video now becomes easy because you have established a step plan to help guide you along the way.

It’s More Than Just A Marketing Plan

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Marketers have been taught that in order for a Marketing Campaign to be successful we need to develop a plan. The Marketing Plan is used mainly at the start of a campaign to promote a new product. There are some aspects of the marketing plan that should be used by marketers every day, such as the executive summary. The executive summary gives a brief description on your company, and or product you want to market. These descriptions include; your target audience, the company’s budget, mission statement, target results, and many more. Everyday marketers would need to remember the company’s mission statement and objective in order to carry out campaigns. The last thing you want to do is ruin the company’s brand because the marketer’s creativity doesn’t go along with the mission of the company. The concepts of a marketing plan are more than the beginning stages of a business plan. Marketers have to look at it as an everyday task that requires constant improvement and maintenance. It’s more than just a marketing plan, it’s a way of life for marketers.


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Have you ever watched an advertisement without music? How did it feel? Was it missing something? Did you, as a consumer, feel a connection to the product? Did you have any idea on what exactly was going on? Just the other day, I watched the Sony Bravia Bouncy Ball commercial without music, and I will tell you, that was the most horrifying experience I have ever received. It felt like a horror movie, the balls bouncing down the street with no sounds created a sense of unpredictability. I saw these balls as a threat, an invasion of the city. The image of a little kid hiding, a woman sheltered in her home, a dog cowering on a ledge and even a little frog trying to escape these balls gave me the impression that the balls were nothing but evil. As a marketer, this would be the last impression you want your audience to receive about your product. When developing an advertisement, we need to encourage a thought, an idea, or storyline that better connects our target audience to our product. The best way to do this is by adding music. When I watched the ball commercial again, this time with music, the dynamic changed drastically. I felt a storyline, I felt emotion, I connected better with the product. I saw the balls as a symbol of freeness, release, and they became the focal point of positivity. The balls weren’t just evil anymore, they symbolized a change into something new. That alone brought Music To My Ears.


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Entrepreneurs have it the hardest when developing a new business or product, especially if it’s within the cosmetics industry. In order to set yourself up for success you need to develop a plan, a Marketing Plan. This plan allows you take control of your product with in the marketplace and focus on generating income. There are several steps to completing a proper marketing plan but, today we will be focusing on the most important step, the budget. Establishing a proper budget helps you decide were money will be allocated to towards a campaign. Once you find out how much money you have towards your marketing plan your able to adjust certain aspects to complete your goal or objective without any constraints. For example, if your budget is 1000 dollars towards advertising would you create a professional commercial including paid actors, travel expenses, and high-end equipment to be displayed on television? Or will you create a Facebook, YouTube, or Google imagine display ad? Having a budget allows you to scale back on certain luxuries to accomplish the same objective. So, next time you’re in a meeting with your business partners and they want to develop a plan or direction to take the company, tell them to Show Me The Money!

Basic Infographics

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Infographics are a way to display data so that the information can be easily understood towards its target audience. One of the major issues that designers have when creating these displays, is the use of too many illustrations which tends to distract from the data. In order for your
target audience to fully understand the information being presented your infographics should support the article not over power it. There are several different ways designers effectively graph data. Ranging from nominal comparisons to part to whole data, all can be displayed using a bar graph. The main thing to understand is that the target audience is always right, and you need to display data that attracts those consumers.