You finally created your website, and now you need to drive traffic to your business. What do you do? What is the next step? Well for one you need to make sure that your website and business stands out. There are plenty of business that sell similar items but what makes each company different? To stand out and drive traffic to your website you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) options. SEO is the cheapest way to get ranked higher on search result. For this to work you need to utilize keywords that are relevant to your business that consumers will use in search engines. Using SEO is also beneficial because your business will appear on all search engines.

SEM on the other hand is usually a paid advertisement through Google Ads. You would usually pay based on the number of clicks you get that leads to your landing paging. This process can be extremely costly if you’re not familiar with Google Ads. SEM using Google Ads will only appear on the Google Search engines and partnered sites. So, you’re a bit limited to where your content will appear in a search engine result. Whether you decided to you SEO or SEM is ultimately up to you, just make sure you keep the company’s marketing objective in mind when you make that decision.  

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The Key to Market Research

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It is hard enough trying to get participants to take a survey, and when you finally get participants, you want to get valuable information from these surveys. Understanding how to properly conduct a survey will help you get the results you need for your marketing research project. In order to conduct a good and more productive survey you need to remember one key, have an objective. In marketing if you don’t have a goal or objective in mind you want be able to properly evaluate your survey or campaign. A well organized and thought out objective can provide you with organized survey questions. These questions can then be targeted to get accurate data that you can used to run an effective marketing campaign. That objective is the foundation to running an effective survey. Just think about it you can’t build a house without a well-established foundation, so how would you expect to get the results you need without a thought-out survey objective?  

Stop Flexing for The Gram

Society has become so attached to living their lives through social media. We post pictures of foods that we eat, places that we have gone, and even luxury items that we have. We do all of this to show off our social identity and to prove that we need to be socially acceptable or admired. Not to sound cliché, but honestly to save your social identity just be yourself, be truthful, and have integrity. The easiest way to protect your social identity is to make sure that you stay true to yourself and don’t get swept up in the need to impress society. If you constantly portray this perfect lifestyle, your audience will stop a connecting with you. Doing this actually starts to hurt your personal brand. Society wants to connect to someone with similar interest and issues. They want to feel that were going through the same problems together. So, “Stop Flexing For The Gram” be yourself and you will be able to build your personal brand successfully.

Marketing Research + Value = Happy Consumers

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Have you ever purchased an item in which you conducted extensive research prior to the purchase? Why is that? Why did you compare prices, shipping time, and specifications? It’s because you want to find the best value for your money. We as consumers always look for value with in our purchases. The value can be the brand name, the product quality, the price, the specifications or even the color options. All of this is done by conducting our own type of research, we Google the product and competitors and see what we value more. On the other hand, as a marketer we need to create value towards our products. This is why we conduct marketing research so that were able to understand what our target audience values more. For instance, Starbucks has created a different building layout in Europe compared to the United States. In Europe most Starbucks are larger, with more seating area, and they have a higher inventory of dining in utensils such as cappuccino and latte cups. Starbucks franchises located in the United States are generally smaller and have a higher inventory of to go cups. Why is that? Well, marketers have conducted their research, Americans typically have a fast-paced lifestyle compared to Europeans, so the use of to-go-cups is higher in the United States.   By contrast, Europeans enjoy a seated environment where they can relax, drink coffee, and conversate. The lifestyle Is way slower than the American lifestyle. Marketers have learned this because they executed proper marketing research before they opened new branches overseas.  The target audiences overseas saw value in the coffee, brand, and added value for the seated environment.  

The Internet… DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!

I remember the before times, were each household had a home phone, were we would use the postal office to mail hand written letters, and when we ate dinner at home, we weren’t distracted by those bright hand-held devices. Well, times have changed. The Internet has changed the way we interact, think, and communicate within society. Were now able to talk to someone across the world with a matter of seconds. We are now able to video chat and send pictures almost instantaneously. But, are there dangers to the internet? Of Course. Today we see an increase in identity thief, fraud, and catfishing. All because the internet allows us to gather information instantly. Many online hackers use the internet to steal personal identifiable information from their victims to purchase vehicles, homes, and even activate credit cards. For fraud, we all remember the notorious Prince of Nigeria email, were a “Prince” needed your bank information to send 1million dollars to a family member, and because of your help he will give you 10%. Lastly, catfishing, were the victim believes that he or she is communicating online with someone else. There’s even an MTV show dedicated to catching this cat fishers. Now you ask, how does this relate to marketing? Well, as marketers we also need to understand our target audiences mind frame and point of view. If we noticed that there has been an increase fear of consumers thinking that their personal information is at risk, then let’s lower that fear. When we advertise websites or mobile application, let’s talk about our privacy settings, and our credit card security procedures. That way when consumers plan to purchase products from us that is one less obstacle to overcome.


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Storytelling is a basic fundamental when developing a marketing campaign. Many marketers use this tool to make sure consumers understand what is going, and what emotional reaction they will emit. It’s important to make sure that your audience receives that communication effectively, and accurately. In the cosmetics industry we want to tell the story of a transformation. We show that you can be yourself but glamorous you. The last image we want to give off is self-hate or being something you’re not. After reviewing many make up advertisements, I have seen were the ads becomes off putting. The ad would show a preserved “unattractive” woman walking down the street and she doesn’t get attention or is she noticed by her crush. Now because he puts on make up everyone is attracted to her. This storyline can be seemed as a self-hate advertisement. We can instead change the dynamic by showing a woman walking down the street being noticed by friendly neighbors, storefront owners, or bystanders. Now when she adds make up her natural beauty becomes enhanced. She may add mascara to enhance her eye color, or powder to remove oiliness. That storyline now becomes more effective and is about enhancement instead of replacement.


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Creating a pitch can sometimes be tricky. In order to create a perfect pitch, you need to show your client that your able to target their audience effectively. There are three steps to ensure your pitch towards potential clients is perfect.

Get to Know Me

You need to understand your client’s brand and the message they want to portray. The better you understand your client’s brand the easier it is to develop a pitch they would appeal to. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines is known to be a family originated company. The last thing you want to pitch to them is the idea of a college spring break cruise.

Know Your Stats

Data is everything when comes to marketing, It’s the way we speak. With data were able to choose which market segment to pursue, or how to probably target that audience. By simple calculations were able to determine the better approach when it comes to choosing a distribution platform in order to send out your message.


Be creative, it’s our role as marketers not only to use science in the form of statistics but an art in the form of creativity to appeal to your target audience. What colors, themes or even sounds appeal to your client and consumers. Be creative when thinking of a campaign slogan or message. It needs to be catchy and relate to the audience your trying to capture, mean while keeping the company’s brand in mind.

The Fake Google Ads Experts (Insert Suspense Music Here)

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Beware… be very aware of the fake Google experts. Just because you have a
certification in Google Ads doesn’t mean you are knowledgeable about
Google Ads features or its platform. Google Ads is much more than just a 7-
hour power point presentation. It’s and in depth understanding of the
intricacies of the platform. Once you actually created multiple google ads
and utilized the functions, then you would be able to truly call yourself a
Google Ad expert with relatable experience. Just think of it this way, you ‘re
in dire need of a heart transplant, and you have two surgeons that can
perform the surgery. One surgeon is well seasoned doctor who has
experience with over 100 successful surgeries. The other is a newly
graduated doctor, fresh out of school. Who would you choose?

Marketers Toolbox: Wireframe Design

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Part of marketing is first branding yourself. Showing your future employers your skill sets prior to employment is not only beneficial, but it gives you practice on how to perfect certain skills. Marketing professional should have basic skills such as, website development, communication, social media knowledge, and understand marketing concepts. Today, were going to talk about the beginning stages of website development, which is wireframe design. Before you develop a website for either yourself or a client you need come up with a plan, and that plan is the wireframe design. This design can be done either free hand or the use of an online application.
The wireframe is completed in gray, or black and white, with minimal details but enough to get the point across. This design gives the client an idea on what your website would look like when its completed. This is similar to a rough draft for a final paper. Once your design is complete its now time to show your ideas to your client for feedback. You can find, templates and more guidance on the wireframe by clicking here. Once you learn how to create a wireframe design, that’s one more toll you can add to your Marketers toolbox.

Lights! Camera! Action! Video Creation

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Creating a video can be the most overwhelming task we may face if were not properly prepared. You don’t need to think like Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, or Micheal Bay (explosion). Just be yourself and the ideas will start to flow in. There are three important steps you would need to take in order to get your master piece from start to finish. Número Uno, write down all your ideas on paper. Think about everything, all the possibilities your video can have, different themes, etc . Once you have completed your list, slim it down, and make sure you group like ideas together. At the end, you should have your main idea and a sure-fire
topic for your video. Step two, create a script. The script doesn’t need to be highly detailed with tons of actor dialogue. This is just a general idea or direction in which you want to go in with your video. For instance, instead of writing the exact dialogue for each character simply type in
“Character A: talks about going to the movies”. This small blurb allows you to keep control of your video while giving your actors “if you have any” freedom of creativity. Step Three, learn about cameras and video editing. Understand what lens, audio equipment, or lighting that you may need in order to make sure your video picture perfect. When it comes to editing utilize YouTube or Google to find how to guides and tutorials. Creating a video now becomes easy because you have established a step plan to help guide you along the way.