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Brand Identity and Social Issues

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A question that marketers should think about would be, whether a social stance can impact a brand identity or image? Today, there are a lot of social issues that can deter consumers from purchasing your products. For instance, Nike created a campaign in support of Colin Kaepernick with his controversial stance on kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem. Since Nike has such a strong brand image, the backlash didn’t hurt sales or the company’s image. When you’re a marketer you need to think about the brand image, and how it will be affected by taking a social stance.  In 2018, Coke-Cola did the same thing with its “This Coke is a Fanta” campaign. The company took a stance on LBGT support, and actually increase sales by 2%. Taking a social stance as a brand can increase sales, but it can also hurt, as a marketer we need to conduct proper marketing research before we choose one way of the other.