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You Created A Website, You Posted Content, So Now What?

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Photo by Tranmautritam on Pexels.com

You created a website, Great! You post content daily, Amazing! Now what do you do? Well, that all depends. Before you start creating content or building a website, you need to know exactly what goal you’re trying to accomplish. Are you merely driving traffic to your site, or do you want to increase sales? Having a goal in mind helps you stay focused on your progress. For instance, if my goal for the website is to increase sales, then, I would need to deeply understand the CTR % (click through rate) of the website. The click through rate is a percentage given to show the amount of people visiting a webpage or completing a sale. This percentage can help you understand how well your marketing campaign is preforming. If you spend $100 on a google ads campaign and only received 20 dollars in sales. Then, you would need to modify your campaign in order to accomplish your goal of increasing sales for the company.  If your goal for your website is to increase newsletter sign ups, this process works the same. Using the CTR percentage you can measure how many people visited your website and signed up for the newsletter. Creating and posting content on a website isn’t the end all, you need to have a goal in mind for consumers to complete.