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What Is Brand Loyalty?


Brand loyalty is when a consumer consistently purchases products from a particular brand, strictly because of the brands name. For instance, iPhone users are usually loyal to Apple products but there could be a multiple reason why. It could be because of product price, quality, availability or a number of different things. Consumers are unpredictable, but it is our duty as marketers to understand why they are brand loyal. Harley Davidson consumers have brand loyalty. Back in the day Harley Davidson motorcycles weren’t the best, the overall quality of the bikes was horrible. Consumers still bought the motorcycle at full price and sent it to an auto shop for upgrades to make the bike run in pristine condition. That is the definition of a true brand loyal consumer.

Is Traditional Media Outdated?

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In the world of digital media, we sometimes forget about traditional marketing platforms such as television, magazines, billboards, and newspapers. Even though we have transformed from traditional marketing, digital marketing we still need to remember our marketing fundamentals. The platforms have changed a bit, but we still need to hold true to our marketing fundamentals. For example, we need to understand who our target market is, what platforms do they enjoy using, what age are they, and how can I get them to best view my content. Depending on the answers to that question, traditional media would be a great outlet for your content. Consumers still watch television, they still look at billboards, and they still read magazines and newspapers. These platforms are still being utilized so why not continue to reach your target audience in this manner. Traditional media is not outdated, on the contrary, it is still heavily used by consumers, you just need to know which platform your target audience utilizes the most.

Message Received

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Marketing Communication is defined as, using messages/media to
communicate to your target market.  For instance, if a company posts
imagines on Instagram they send a message to their followers to interpret.
Sometimes, these messages can be misinterpreted.  In January 2018, the
clothing company, H&M became under fire, because a young African
American model was posted on their website wearing a green sweatshirt
with the printed words of  “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”.   What message
do you think this image sends to its audience?  Some may say “it’s not a big
deal” others have completely boycotted the brand because of its seemly
racists imagery.

Another example is the more recent 2018 Nike Ad Campaign with
professional football player Colin Kaepernick. The Ad states “Believe in
something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Is this campaign
controversial? Is it inspirational? Even though Nike sales have increased by 31% , is it worth the negative backslash from our own President ?
Trying to interpret a marketing campaign is extremely difficult, because we can’t truly understand how our audience views the message.  Only if
marketing communication was like today’s cellphones, where we send out a great advertisement with no miscommunication and simply got the response “Message Received.”