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So … You Want to Create A Marketing Agency!

man in black shirt sits behind desk with computers
Photo by Djordje Petrovic on Pexels.com

The entrepreneurial aspect of marketing is being your own boss whether that is freelance marketing or opening your own agency. Startup agencies are extremely hard. There are tons of competitors, and if you are not affiliated with holding marketing company your chances of being successful are slim. Once you get affiliated with a marketing company, now its time to structure your marketing team. At the top in the supervisory position would be the executive management and account management. These people would be the main face of the project. They make sure that you are on track towards completion of any marketing campaign. Next, we have the other roles Creative, Media, Data, Insights, and Operations.  The creative role is responsible for the over all production of the marketing campaign.  Media and CEO is responsible for trading and planning. Data’s responsibility is data management. Insights role is strategic planning and overall social listening. Lastly operations is responsible for controller and HR. Each role is extremely important the development of a marketing agency. Having those key roles will get you on track to a effective and successful marketing agency.