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Presentation is Key

woman standing in front of sitting people
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One of the most common phobias in the world is glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. As a marketer, we need to break through that shell in order to properly present a brand strategy, marketing plan, or even a marketing idea. If you have a presentation and your extremely lost on how to properly present your material, well, you’re in luck. There are three tools that can help you. First, understand the material. By understanding the material, you can you become the subject matter expert. You’re able to answer key questions that clients have during the presentation as well, which can be considered as “brownie points”. Second, make sure you have back up material in case of technical difficulties. No matter how much you practice technology can be sometimes be unpredictable. I don’t know how many times I did a run through of my presentations the day before, and on the day of my presentation, the sound doesn’t work, the screen isn’t set as it should be, or the company’s projector is missing. When conducting a presentation have print out available as well. If you have technical issues the printout is a great way to continue the presentation seamlessly. Your client will also be able to follow along and write key questions on print outs. Lastly make sure you practice. By practicing your material you’re able to do the presentation with more fluidity. As you constantly recite the information you being to gain rhythm as you present, once you get into your groove your able to present more effectively without missing key details of your presentation. There are so many ways to present material but utilizing these three tools can take your presentation from a snooze fest, to something more memorable.

Math + Magic = Marketing

After attending the Digital-Brand-Analytics-Miami 2019 Conference , I was amped up and ready to start my marketers’ journey. After listening to well know speakers and subject matter experts on marketing, one statement stood out to me. Michael Kappitt, President of Carrabba’s Italian Grill stated, “math plus magic equals marketing”. Now, what exactly does this actually mean? How is math related to marketing? When it comes to the math, many marketers grab this information from analytics from their specific target audience. We conduct analysis to predict behavior or to better understand what tools are better at attracting our consumers. As for the magic, well that derives from the creativity aspect of marketing, how we entertain our audience, tell our story, or drive more attention towards a particular campaign. A great example of this is the infamous Outback Steakhouse 1 Million Steak Giveaway Promotion. Which went up in flames in more ways than one. Outback ran an amazing marketing campaign promoting the use of a wood-fire grill to cook their steaks. Outback engineers created a billboard for this promotion, the theme was fire and lots of it. While conducting a test of the billboard, engineers are fleeing for their lives while the billboard burst in flames. Since the explosion was recorded, it was uploaded on YouTube and went viral. From there media sources wrote articles, and the news spread to even more potential consumers. Now that’s a great use of marketing creativity. #DBAmiami