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Feedback: Can You Handle It?

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Have you ever finished writing a project idea, executive summary or a written paper and felt so pleased and accomplished? Well, that feeling can soon turn into despair if your content wasn’t reviewed by someone else prior to submission. There have been many times that I have written content that I thought was great, but it has tons of grammatical errors, sentence structure issues and lacks a certain gusto. Having someone review your content prior to submission is important. Find a trusted friend and have them review your content. They will be able to spot errors more quickly, tell you if the content makes sense, and overall provide feedback on your content. Make sure don’t take the feedback personally. This feedback isn’t a personal attack towards you, it’s a guideline to make your content better. This feedback can also provide ideas that you haven’t thought of to make your content more impactful.

“Feedback Leads To Idea Generation.”