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Difference Between Goal Setting and Strategy

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What’s the difference between goal setting and strategy? As a marketer we need understand that difference to effectively create a marketing campaign. Goal setting is developing a goal that needs to be accomplished. These goals can be a mix of personal goals or marketing campaign goals. Goals are usually created by aligning them to the organizational goals of a company. These goals are usually what a company wants to accomplish during a marketing campaign. The steps we take to accomplish a goal is the strategy. The strategy is usually crated by having a step by step plan on how to accomplish a certain goal. For instance, if my personal goal was to lose weight in three months. The strategy would be to work out 4 to 5 times a week, eat healthier, weight training and cardio. By completing this strategy, I will be able to complete my goal of losing weight.  Goal setting and strategy are both interconnected, you can’t complete one without the other.

“Begin with an end in mind”

-Stephen Covey

It’s More Than Just A Marketing Plan

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Marketers have been taught that in order for a Marketing Campaign to be successful we need to develop a plan. The Marketing Plan is used mainly at the start of a campaign to promote a new product. There are some aspects of the marketing plan that should be used by marketers every day, such as the executive summary. The executive summary gives a brief description on your company, and or product you want to market. These descriptions include; your target audience, the company’s budget, mission statement, target results, and many more. Everyday marketers would need to remember the company’s mission statement and objective in order to carry out campaigns. The last thing you want to do is ruin the company’s brand because the marketer’s creativity doesn’t go along with the mission of the company. The concepts of a marketing plan are more than the beginning stages of a business plan. Marketers have to look at it as an everyday task that requires constant improvement and maintenance. It’s more than just a marketing plan, it’s a way of life for marketers.