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Marketing Agency 101: Developing A Presentation

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Starting a marketing agency is already hard enough. When you finally receive an RFP and you have the opportunity to present to a company. This is where some marketing company’s fail. In order to develop an outstanding presentation, you need to complete these 3 steps. The first step would be to fully understand the company. You need to pull up industry trends, financial records, and other information about the company so that you can fully understand company. When you understand the company, you can truly get to the bottom of the company’s audience, strengths and weaknesses. Second, develop an angle. This means that you need to have an approach to completing this presentation. Are you going to rebrand, create a marketing campaign to increase engagement, maybe even creating a public relations campaign? Lastly, conduct your research. To truly understand your company, you need to conduct research, and gain information to build your angle. The more information you have the better your able to complete your marketing campaign. Hopefully these steps can help you develop your presentation. Maybe you might get the proposal too.

Presentation is Key

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One of the most common phobias in the world is glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. As a marketer, we need to break through that shell in order to properly present a brand strategy, marketing plan, or even a marketing idea. If you have a presentation and your extremely lost on how to properly present your material, well, you’re in luck. There are three tools that can help you. First, understand the material. By understanding the material, you can you become the subject matter expert. You’re able to answer key questions that clients have during the presentation as well, which can be considered as “brownie points”. Second, make sure you have back up material in case of technical difficulties. No matter how much you practice technology can be sometimes be unpredictable. I don’t know how many times I did a run through of my presentations the day before, and on the day of my presentation, the sound doesn’t work, the screen isn’t set as it should be, or the company’s projector is missing. When conducting a presentation have print out available as well. If you have technical issues the printout is a great way to continue the presentation seamlessly. Your client will also be able to follow along and write key questions on print outs. Lastly make sure you practice. By practicing your material you’re able to do the presentation with more fluidity. As you constantly recite the information you being to gain rhythm as you present, once you get into your groove your able to present more effectively without missing key details of your presentation. There are so many ways to present material but utilizing these three tools can take your presentation from a snooze fest, to something more memorable.

Predictive Analytics

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As humans we have always had this quest for knowledge, a constant curiosity that allows us to come up with new inventions or inspire creativity. Wouldn’t it be great to take that curiosity a step further, to understanding and even predicting future behaviors? As marketers we have this ability now, through the use of predictive analytics. We take a deeper look into historical data collected from our consumers to driver consumers to make decisions. Since it’s very difficult for people to predict the future we use machines and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make these predictions. We use historical data as a source of information, input this data into a machine, and now based on similarities or certain pattern we can make predictions. For instance, Netflix uses the same thought process. After watching multiple movies, Netflix will then make a recommendation on which types of movies you would most likely be interested in. Because of this you would then choose that recommended movie to watch, therefore my decision to choose a movie is already made. Predictive analytics allows marketers to drive consumers to make a decision, which comes to an actual interesting thought. Can consumers actually think for themselves? (insert X-files intro music.)


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Creating a pitch can sometimes be tricky. In order to create a perfect pitch, you need to show your client that your able to target their audience effectively. There are three steps to ensure your pitch towards potential clients is perfect.

Get to Know Me

You need to understand your client’s brand and the message they want to portray. The better you understand your client’s brand the easier it is to develop a pitch they would appeal to. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines is known to be a family originated company. The last thing you want to pitch to them is the idea of a college spring break cruise.

Know Your Stats

Data is everything when comes to marketing, It’s the way we speak. With data were able to choose which market segment to pursue, or how to probably target that audience. By simple calculations were able to determine the better approach when it comes to choosing a distribution platform in order to send out your message.


Be creative, it’s our role as marketers not only to use science in the form of statistics but an art in the form of creativity to appeal to your target audience. What colors, themes or even sounds appeal to your client and consumers. Be creative when thinking of a campaign slogan or message. It needs to be catchy and relate to the audience your trying to capture, mean while keeping the company’s brand in mind.